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Viewpoint Technologies, Inc. has been working with manufacturers, distrib-utors and retailers since 1990 to solve problems and generate solutions. We specialize in understanding the particular needs of your business and suggesting technical solutions that will help you maximize your revenue opportunities, reduce costs and optimize your operations to drive growth and profitability.

To the often asked question "Are we there yet?", the following are questions you might consider:

1. Is your technology leveraging your business savvy and operational know how?

2. Do you have multiple systems that don't "talk" to each other?

3. Are you using older systems that are inflexible, unreliable or confusing?

4. Is the technology that runs your business at the mercy of just one employee?

5. Are your Inventory Control, Accounting and Business Information systems fully integrated?

6. Do you have complete control of your inventory?

7. Do you know the true cost of your inventory?

8. Are you leveraging EDI to improve relationships with your trading partners?

9. Do you think the right technical solution is probably too expensive to implement and operate?

10. Would you welcome a free, one day, no obligation assessment with follow-up recommendations?

We offer easy and flexible approaches to assess your current system and document the gaps between it and your ideal environment.

Call us today for a free, no obligation, on-site assessment to determine how you might improve your sales, business operations, business decisions and profitability.

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